Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are your lamps OEM or refurbished?

Neither! Sonntek Lamps are brand new equivalent lamps manufactured at Sonntek with equal or better performance, lower price and advanced technical support

What is your Warranty?

Our standard lamp warranty is 1 year (pro-rated) and our X2 lamp has a timer with a 2000 hr. warranty (pro-rated)

Do you repair instruments?

Yes! We have extensive experience servicing HPLC & FPLC instruments, as well as performing preventative maintenance and check ups

Do you sell spare parts for detectors or pumps?

Yes, we do! We can also help identify the part you may need, if you’re not sure

Do you make the Instruments?

No, we have been reselling and supporting German-engineered Knauer Instrumentation for over 30 years.

Do you offer Discounts?

We are happy to offer a discount for higher quantity orders or if you qualify as a Distributor or Service Group. Special Educational systems are available, too. Just ask!