SONNTEK Timeline

1960’s: The meeting of the minds (Dave and Armin) Sonntek is born!
Early 1970’S: Armin wins an award for design of one of the 1st VWD absorption detectors for HPLC
Late 1970’s: Armin develops one of the 1st commercial fluorescence detectors for HPLC
1980’s: Sonntek starts designing & manufacturing research lamps and selling and servicing Knauer instruments
1984: Sonntek becomes incorporated
Sonntek expands office and moves to Upper Saddle River, NJ
2000’s: Sonntek develops new variable path length-prep flow cells for HPLC
2010…: Lamp business is BOOMING! Flying off the shelves!
2015…: Sonntek expands into the Bio-market
2020: After all these years, Sonntek is STILL selling lamps, STILL selling and servicing Knauer Instruments and Systems, and STILL developing new products for Analytical and Preparative HPLC, UHPLC and Bio Purification FPLC
Sonntek is STILL Sonntek but ever improving ! Reliable and Innovative. We bring the old school customer care and service (remember patience and willingness to help?) with new technologies and ideas to solve problems and design new products, as well as support older equipment.

Over 40 years solid experience in Chromatography!!